Alumni Association

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All the students who have completed their course of studies in the college may enrol as members of the Alumni Association at the time of obtaining Transfer Certificate. The constitution and regulations of the Association is available with the office in the college and on the website.

A student who has studied at least for six months in any Don Bosco Institution is eligible to join any local unit of the Don Bosco Alumni Association anywhere in the world. It is the wish of Don Bosco and his successors that the students who leave a Don Bosco Institution should find the office of the Alumni, register their names, participate in the activities and partake of the privileges by following its Motto: “KNOW, LOVE, HELP ONE ANOTHER AND KEEP UNITED” 

Please download the Don Bosco College Alumni Association Membership form, fill it in and submit it with the requisite membership fee to the College Office, and become a member of the association.

Click here to download the membership form.